Based on the know-how that we have accumulated over the years, we provide the valuable consulting services listed below. Please contact our office for more information regarding NAFTA consulting services.

  • FTA BOM (BILL OF MATERIAL) ADJUSTING: We provide this service in order to accurately judge a certificate of origin of merchandise produced by an entity and to accurately classify an item. The producer or exporter must provide the precise HTS code and the appropriate BOM in order to meet the criteria as dictated by FTA regulations.
  • NAFTA CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN / AFFIDAVIT ISSUE AND REVIEW: Under the NAFTA rules of origin determination, the issuance of a NAFTA CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN or AFFIDAVIT by the manufacturer will provide favorable and advantageous results while minimizing any associated risk.
  • TRACED VALUE CALCULATION: We provide this service because, under NAFTA, Traced Value is required in most automotive products. Being issued a NAFTA Certificate of Origin or Affidavit in importation or exportation by the manufacturer will ease the whole process. In addition, applying the supplier’s affidavit management, FTA BOM adjustment, HTS classification and the calculation of logic build will yield the most precise trace value.