• The importers are obligated to pay duty within 10 business days from the date of customs release. There are two easy ways to make duty payments through payment setup system.
    • ACH (Automated Clearing House) Setup
      • On the 10th business day from the date of customs release, the customs will withdraw the duty amount from the importer’s bank account.
    • PMS (Periodic Monthly Statement) Setup
      • Once ACH is setup with Customs, the importer may choose to setup PMS. The PMS allows the importer to withhold the duty amount until 15th business days of the following month.  If the importer filed 14 entries in the month January, the all duty amount that should have been withdrawn on the 10th business day is withdrawn on the 15th business days in February regardless of release date in January.  Since PMS counts the month of release instead of date of release, it allows the importer the flexible financial term.
    • Please contact our offices to setup ACH and PMS accounts with U.S. Customs.