• All entries must be bonded by either a Single Transaction Bond or a Continuous (Annual) Bond. By posting a surety bond, the importer is ensuring that all duties and taxes will be paid, and all import rules and regulations will be followed.
  • A Continuous Bond is an annual bond in which the importer can continually use for 1 calendar year or until the bond amount has reached its capacity. The minimum annual bond amount starts at $50,000.
  • A Custodian of Bonded Merchandise Customs Bond (Activity Code 2) covers obligations relating to the custodial activities of bonded merchandise warehouses, carriers, container stations and cartmen.  It allows for the merchandise to be stored, transported until released by U.S CBP, before the duty gets paid.
  • Cargo Insurance is Ocean/Air Transit Insurance for commodities in international trade and domestic trade. Cargo Insurance covers the loss, damage, and/or theft of commodities while being transported between the point of origin and the final destination.  Cargo Insurance is also known by names like Marine, Maritime, Shipping, and Freight Insurance.
  • Please contact us to find out the pricing and which bond amount is right for you.